Whats…up docs… HOLY SHIT..!


Holistic doctors

Follow the money……

The answer to Health Happiness and Fulfillment is “simple” not complex.
We have simply been taught different. Cultural hypnosis

Before anybody starts growling and criticizing my views, wind your neck back in and give yourself a chance to breath..!

I am truly grateful for our modern medical system that provides us with the compassionate care,  accident and trauma services, i agree… where would we be without them..?

Realize this, however….. Complexity has been created by those who pretend to protect us, those at the top, the pharmaceutical medical industry, think about it, when we have an enemy, we have been conditioned to believe we need a savior. This has been an effective   strategy used for controlling the masses throughout humanities history especially religion.

Many of those in between such as doctors nurses & specialists are very sincere, however they can be sincerely wrong and not know it, in fact there is an ever increasing trend of doctors whom are choosing to stray away from the dark-side, from the indoctrination of treating symptoms after years of limited success due to ignoring or simply not knowing that cure will only ever be found through treating the cause.

Straying away from the dark side however, can come at a cost.

Here are the pics of thirty HOLISTIC doctors that decided to do just that……
Question the current system and change their approach towards treating the CAUSE and getting far greater and successful results.

ALL have died withing the past 18mths, most are from the same area of California.
Holistic doctors


The answer is in our beliefs.

One particular belief is that our health and its maintenance is a very complex task, and there are only certain ways we are able to fix it when we have problems, i.e. the modern medical approach, treating symptoms as opposed to the cause of such symptoms.

When we have over-complex problems in life, there will usually be the motive of monetary gain which is OK of course, as long as there is equal effort on both sides to provide a good product/service of value, and we as a consumer take appropriate responsibility/action for such products in order for them to reflect positive results.

In other words, if we source simple and natural solutions & we take logical practical action based upon our own feelings of common sense / inner wisdom, everyone’s a winner.
However our modern medical approach of treating symptoms & not cause, can only work in favor of one side.
“Follow the money”
I bet at some time in your life you have asked these questions in your mind…

Is this all there is..? Why am I here..? What’s it all about..? Does it get any better..? Am I doomed to settle for this forever..?

Ask yourself…
Did nature really create mistakes throughout the entire process of universal evolution..? Resulting in so much suffering..?
Before you answer… bear in mind the sheer magnitude and beautiful wonder of the world.
When an Ant interacts with the world, it adds value…
When a Fox interacts with the world, it adds value…
When a Rat interacts with the world, it adds value…
When animals interact with the world it becomes a better place…
Can we say the same for Human interaction? Often, No!
But when we choose to see the good its just as abundant as the bad.

So did nature really create mistakes..?

My personal conclusion is NO, I believe that all events & circumstance in nature happen with a positive intent of change and growth on some level.

Based on such beauty and mind boggling perfection, we can witness this when we just look, all the discoveries we have made has only scratched the surface, it seems all nature runs pretty much perfect within our universal cycle of life, all except one species, Humans.

Would you believe that statement also applies to Humans too…. yes, all human behavior carries with it a positive intent. “Regardless of the outcomes” of which can be horrific.
The intention will always be to meet certain human needs of the individual.

Why are so many human beings living in fear, sick, diseased, miserable, when I say fear, I mean allowing our environment and many of the people in it to dictate our future by way of influence and force, controlling us with guilt, shame, consequence, food and so much other pointless stuff, brain-feeding us visual triggers and attaching emotionally stimulating content in order to control our minds and how we feel.

The real true CAUSE of disease is the disconnect between our mind and body.

The solution Breath fresh air, stop eating meat, eat wholefood, refuse to partake in any cruelty towards our animals and friends of the planet, love the sun, drink clean water, think good, let go of negative past, move enough, live with passion.

Chris Whalley.
Decisive Coaching



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